Hot Solar Water Heating Design

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Alternative Water Heating

Water Heater Repair Columbus GA wants to pass along this cool concept that makes use of solar water heating.  We have not seen this in the US, but so far, the best test case we have seen for the EcoHat is at an award-winning housing project in England called Oxley Park.

dwell – Eco-Hat – January 1, 2009

The EcoHat’s casing conceals its unsightly gadgetry, while still allowing the solar panels to be angled for maximum efficiency. “Sometimes in environmental housing you have to orientate the houses quite vigorously,” says Partridge. “This allows for the house to be orientated in any direction, while the EcoHat always points in the appropriate direction for solar efficiency.” To that end, the architects claim that the Ecohat-wearing home can offer up to 50 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. (read more…)

How the EcoHat works is by allowing hot air to be re-used to optimize energy consumption andWater Heater Repair Columbus GA provide passive solar water heating. It reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced with the solar energy production.

It is a much nicer design concept too, than just looking at a bunch of solar panels on a roof top also.  Hats off to Andrew Partridge, project architect for Oxley Woods.